How To Not Lose Your 2013 Tax Refund & Returns


Are you located elsewhere but have worked in New Zealand? If yes, then you've probably paid anywhere between 12.5% and 38% income tax on your earnings in the past years.

If you're currently in New Zealand itself, it should be a piece of cake getting your tax refunds back (if any) with our help! In either case, all you need to do is take 5 minutes to complete your application for your tax refunds.

The tax amount you can get refunded depends on a number of factors such as:

 ✔   The amount you've earned.

 ✔   The length of time you worked.

 ✔   The type of work you did.

 ✔   How much tax was overpaid.

We can review your tax matters and check if you’re getting all the refund amount you were supposed to.

Till date, clients with get an average tax refund of NZ$400, and a few fortunate ones even getting all the way up to $4000.

For you to get this, you should know that NZ's tax refund season runs from March to June, every financial year. You obviously could apply anytime you want but getting your overpaid tax for the time you worked and paid taxes for back in 2013 will END ON 31ST MARCH 2018. That's less than a month.


Important: Although we will still accept applications coming in after the last week of March, we cannot guarantee you will get your tax refunds for 2013 anymore if you don't complete your application right away.

IRD's Tax Refund Timeline 


Complete Your Tax Refund Application

Remember, it is very important that you get your 2013-2017 assessment completed as soon as possible, i.e., before the end of March, else, you will indefinitely lose your 2013 tax refund as the new cycle for the financial year will begin, and Inland Revenue will bar all applications - whether submitted by yourself, or via any tax agency.


How much does it cost?


 ✔   A flat 15% of your refund amount.

 ✔   No charge for ID verification.

 ✔   No charge for PTS if No Tax Refunds.

 ✔   We DO NOT charge a minimum fee.


What do I need to have?


 ✔   Photo ID (Driving Licence/18+ Card/Passport/etc)

 ✔   IRD number (optional).

 ✔   Basic details and contact info.


When and where will I get my money?


 ✔   Typically within a week (but it could also depend on your circumstance and the IRD)

 ✔   If you do have tax refunds due, we transfer it directly to your bank account.


So hurry and complete your application, or, for those who haven't started, you still have time to come and get your money.


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