NEW Changes to KiwiSaver And Income Tax Rate

NZ government is proposing a Bill for a few tax changes which include maximum KiwiSaver contribution rates to include 6% & 10%, remove the need to file PTS, and more.

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Date: 2 August 2018   |   Comments: 0

Increase Your Tax Refund In 6 Ways

In our aim to help you get more money, we've found six tips which will help you reduce your tax liability during tax time. Keep in mind that these methods are only applicable for this year, 2018.

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Date: 8 March 2018   |   Comments: 0

ACC Earner's Levy Rate Increased to $1.39

Your earner's levy rate is now $1.39 for every $100 of your liable earnings. 'Liable earnings’ is the income from which you pay for your ACC. Learn how we can be of help with our PAYE Calculator and understanding more about ACC.

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Date: 15 March 2018   |   Comments: 0

This March-end, You Could Lose Your 2013 Refund

Get your 2013-2017 assessment completed before the end of March 2018, else, you will lose your 2013 tax refund as the new cycle for the financial year begins.

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Date: 21 February 2018   |   Comments: 0

Taking Control Of Your Budget This 2018

Budgeting may not sound like a way of life for some, but there have been times where we have no idea how we spent so much in so little time.


Date: 18 July 2017   |   Comments: 0

6 Top Tax Deductible Expenses To Claim

Under NZ tax rules, many expenses can be deducted from your tax payments. Here is a quick look at what you can claim as tax deductions!


Date: 18 July 2017   |   Comments: 0

Questioning IRD Taxes In New Zealand

FAQs aren't enough to understand IRD taxes in New Zealand. Here, we’ve answered some questions in as simple as possible for anyone.


Date: 18 July 2017   |   Comments: 0

Taxes for Boarders, Flatmates And Tenants too?

Tax rules for flatmates and tenants are usually the same. If one person profits from the other by receiving payment for accommodation, is it taxable?


Date: 18 July 2017   |   Comments: 0

What Is New Zealand Tax Residency?

There are Kiwis who, after many years overseas, are not sure if they are Tax Residents; that is, until it comes to filing their income tax returns.


Date: 18 July 2017   |   Comments: 0

Online Trading Or Are You Running A Business?

Whether you are selling or buying goods online with websites such as TradeMe, do you know if you should be paying tax or not? Let's find out.

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Date: 13 June 2017   |   Comments: 0