Seasonal Workers And Their Tax Returns

Seasonal Workers And Their Tax Returns

Seasonal Workers And Their Tax Returns

In simple terms, seasonal workers are individuals willing to work on short notice - these can be overseas visitors, students, part-timers, etc. - and can range from agriculture to industries, to recreational jobs and more. In most cases their tax is deducted using the current PAYE calculator. If you want to find out whether you were owed tax returns, simple apply with us online and we will find out with the IRD how much tax you are owed.

How much do we cost?

  ✔    A flat 15% of your refund amount, and a maximum of up to $399 only.

  ✔    No charge for ID verification.

  ✔    No charge for PTS if No Tax Refunds.

 What about my Tax Code?

The tax code for most seasonal workers are usually either - M, CAE, NSW, or SB. Go through our Tax Code page for more information on this. If you're a seasonal worker or a backpacker and you're still confused about your tax code, just leave us a mail and we'll talk.

There are a few other tax code options for specific occupations in New Zealand, which may well apply to people on a working holiday for a wage. These are:

  ✔    Casual Agricultural Workers – casual seasonal workers working on a day-to-day basis for up to three months. The tax code is ‘CAE’.
  ✔    Election Day Workers – the tax code is ‘EDW’.
  ✔    Recognised Seasonal Workers – people who are employed under the RSE Scheme in horticulture or viticulture (must obtain a valid visa or a permit).
  ✔    Schedular Payments – tax code for independent contractors, not employees. The tax code is ‘WT’.
  ✔    Special Tax Code – a special tax code certificate is required for this. The tax code is ‘STC’.

I have a question that's not covered here.

That's okay. Just apply or login and send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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