Your Information Is In Safe Hands

Safety And Security Of My Taxes

I'm Concerned About My Security!

And so are we! All information obtained in the course of our agreement/engagement is subject to strict confidentiality by preserving your privacy at anytime you visit or communicate with us. In addition to obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, YourRefund Limited will not disclose any information to other parties without your expressed consent, except as required by law, to maintain your details and update your records with the IRD.

You can read more about our Privacy & Policy.

But Why My IRD Number?

We need your IRD number if you earn income from any source, joined KiwiSaver, applied for a student loan, have filed tax returns, bought/sold/transferred property, and/or starting up your own entrepreneurship, (self-employment). It is a unique number issued to you by the Inland Revenue Department so that they can identify you and also so we can become your tax agent. It will be an 8- or 9-digit number in the range of '10-000-000' to '999-000-000'.

You can find your IRD number in your myIR Secure Online Services account, on letters or statements from the IRD, on your KiwiSaver statement and/or on your income details from your employer.

If you don't have an IRD number, your employer will deduct income tax at the highest non-declaration tax rate of 45%. You should also check with your bank about the rate they charge on tax.

What About My Full Name And Date Of Birth?

This is only so we can confirm your identity and create your account on our database. As simple as that!

What Do You Need My Email And Phone Number For?

In case of details missing from your application or updating you on your current status, we will need to get in touch with you to send you notifications. Please ensure you’ve given us the right email address and phone number so we can provide a quick and seamless service for you. If your contact details change, you can always log back in with us and update it so we can keep you informed.

Why My Address Too?

Your address is used as a substitute for rare cases where the wrong email and phone number were supplied to us. 

Why My Photo ID?

In order to curb the risk of fraud, the IRD made it compulsory for all individuals to provide their IRD number. We cannot claim your refund until we check your ID proof either through your driver's licence, firearms licence, visa/passport and/or 18+ card.

Visit our ID requirements page for more information on Photo IDs.

My Personal Details Have Changed? What Now?

No worries, just log back in with us and update your information via 'My Dashboard'. This lets us keep in touch with you and notify you of your application's current status.

What Should I Use My Account For?

You can use it to apply for your tax returns, check your application status, and ask us any questions you may have.

I Have A Question That's Not Covered Here.

That's okay. Just login and send us an email or leave us a note. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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