Differences between Tax Year and a Calendar Year | Your Refund Limited

Tax Year vs. Calendar Year

As an individual taxpayer, the one you should be concerned about is the personal financial year which begins on 1st April and ends on 31st March (the following year). Why these dates? Because it is relevant to your tax returns.

IRD Tax Returns For Travellers | Your Refund Limited

Travellers' Tax Returns

Planning on going abroad? Maybe you're already there? As long as you are a Kiwi resident or non-resident for tax purposes, you can work out if you are due any tax refunds from the IRD. Let's find out if you can claim tax returns.

Can Immigrants Get Tax Returns from IRD | Your Refund Limited

Immigrants' Tax Returns

If you're new to New Zealand, chances are, you may have a foreign passport, or hold a resident, work or student visa or an Australian passport - but not an IRD number. Yet, you are still legible to apply for your tax refunds from IRD.


Seasonal Workers And Their Tax Returns | Your Refund Limited

Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are individuals willing to work on short notice - these can be overseas visitors, students, part-timers, etc. - and can range from agriculture to industries, to recreational jobs and more. But do they have tax returns?

Your Tax Information Is In Safe Hands With Us | Your Refund Limited

Information In Safe Hands

In addition to obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, we also comply with ISO 27000 for added responsibilities to adhere to, and so far, we have feel we are the only ones to be a ISO Certified in New Zealand, but we could be wrong.

New Zealand Tax Codes | Your Refund Limited

New Zealand Tax Codes

NZ tax code is made up of a letter (or letters) that tells your employer how much tax to deduct from your salary or wages over the year. This is all done automatically so that you don’t have to worry about saving money for the terrifying tax bill!

Your IRD Number | Your Refund Limited

Your IRD Number

Kiwis are often issued a unique IRD number at birth itself – and the IRD makes it really is easy to get one, online or in person. This 8 or 9 digit number will last you your lifetime they say. But what is it exactly? Amd what for?

Personal Tax Summary | Your Refund Limited

Personal Tax Summary

The details of all your income and tax deductions over the course of a financial year are filed under a Personal Tax Summary or PTS, in short. These details are based on the information that the IRD has with them.